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Self-aligning ball bearings

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        Self-aligning ball bearings have a cylindrical hole and tapered bore two structures, cage material made of steel, synthetic resin. It is characterized by a spherical outer raceway, with self-aligning nature, can compensate for the different concentricity and shaft deflection caused by the error, but the relative inclination of the outer ring should not exceed 3 degrees.
        Can withstand greater radial load, but also can withstand a certain axial load. The bearing outer ring raceway is spherical, so with self-aligning performance, when the shaft bending or tilting the inner ring so that the centerline and the outer ring relative tilt of not more than 1 ° ~ 2.5 °, the bearing can still work .
       Self-aligning ball bearings mainly bear radial load, while bearing a smaller axial load. Axis (housing) axial displacement limited within the clearance limit, with self-aligning properties, allowing the relative tilt less internal and external conditions work properly for supporting seat hole can not strictly ensure the coaxiality of the components.