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Linear bearings

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       Linear bearings are a linear motion system for use with linear axes in conjunction with cylindrical shafts. As the bearing ball and the bearing jacket point contact, the ball with the minimum frictional resistance rolling, so the linear bearing friction, and relatively stable, does not change with the bearing speed, to obtain high sensitivity, high precision and smooth linear motion. Linear bearing consumption also has its limitations, the most important is the bearing impact load capacity is poor, and the carrying capacity is poor, followed by linear bearings in high speed vibration and noise larger. Linear bearings fast and easy automation type selection included. Linear bearings are widely used in precision machine tools, textile machinery, food packaging machinery, printing machinery and other industrial machinery sliding parts.
        As the bearing ball contact with the bearing, so the use of small load. Ball with a very small frictional resistance rotation, which can get high-precision smooth movement.
        Plastic linear bearing is a self-lubricating linear motion system, which is the biggest difference with the metal linear bearing metal linear bearing is rolling friction, bearing and cylindrical shaft is the point of contact, so this is suitable for low-load high-speed movement; and Plastic linear bearings are sliding friction, surface contact between the bearing and the cylindrical shaft, so this suitable for high-speed low-speed movement.